Acid Burn Alice and the Master Control Program

by Black Light Mutants

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Black Light Mutants are back! Bringing with us our own unique brand of experimental noise, analogue vs digital mash ups and outspoken meaningful message. We present to you our 15 track debut album Acid Burn Alice and The Master Control Program.

Released on May Day 2014 the album is a DIY independent release, its been written, recorded and produced completely by ourselves in Rusholme and mutant birthplace Ashton-Under-Lyne in early 2014. Created by 3 original members who formed the band in 2011, we decided to get back together to try capture the energy, art, drive, experimentation and creativity that the mutants have always been about. As usual we have used our love of punk as a base blank canvas to paint our hybrid creations onto using scavenged technology and brand new ideas to push the sounds and message into different directions.

Acid Burn Alice features 10 challenging original new tracks transcending multiple genres and sounds, delving into such things as food poverty, media propaganda, protesting, anti-fascism, domestic violence, deep personal matters that have affected us and even a bit of radical spiritual cooking. It also features 5 new versions of old favourites that have been re-imagined by us from the past EP releases.

The album title and CD artwork has been created in true mutant style by Joey Mutant and is all based around our Acid Burn Alice character who first appeared on our Trash Town EP. The title track and its interlude is a prequel to the original Alice song looking at how she ended up in Trash Town and losing her mind after being hidden, trapped and trying to cope with extreme abuse and torture at the hands of a relentlessly evil artificial intelligence and oppressive machine.

To fit with our anarchist ethos we would like as many people that want to have a copy of this to get it from us, so we have decided to release this 100% free / pay what you want for a digital download and as cheap as we possibly can for the physical CD and artwork. The digital version also features extra unique artwork for some individual tracks capturing the feel for each song.

We hope that everyone who experiences this release will enjoy it for themselves as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Light Mutants Manchester, UK

Mutant misfits creating glitched out apocalyptic visiuals and electronic dissident DIY pop hits.

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Track Name: Starving In The UK
A nation of starving people staring at their television,
The broadcast is saying "they're taking and not giving"
"130,000 survive on food banks",
The public are conditioned to draw and empty blank

Benefits stopped and new taxes take hold
Evicted and hungry locked out in the cold
"Don't care about no scroungers about to die"
...they never bother to think how things could be...


Starving in the UK...
I can't afford to eat today,
Living on less than a pound a day
UK third world country...

Human beings a statistic just a piece of meat,
Media control of the way people think
Take what they tell you in, take a nice seat,
While hungry mouths search though bins to feed.

Vampiric politicians live a life of greed
Of unimaginable theft and corruption I see
Been let down a system, that is wrong,
The situation is becoming a ticking time bomb...
Track Name: Northern Wasteland
No land of milk and honey
They laugh as we bleed
The politicians choke us
Worthless northern debris
No hope is left found
In the land of coke and Tory
Fuck all outside London
They don't care for us

We are the damned!
Northern wasteland
We are the damned!
Northern wasteland

A regime that hate the north
2nd coming come to finish us off
Starve the helpless and poor
Bodies swept behind closed doors
Freezing cold in our houses
Northern anger about to erupt
We will against them
They will not break me!

We are the damned!
Northern wasteland
We are the damned!
Northern wasteland
Track Name: Fascist Disease
Overflowing hate in their tiny minds
To dumb to accept people living different lives
Anger against sexuality and race
The bigots attack if they don't like your face
Fascist views I can't try to understand
Prejudice view creep from backwater towns
Deformed and unsightly inside and out
Crawl in dirty shadows all over this land

This ain't rocket science
It's your basic ABC
Yet we are still fighting the fascist disease
Stand against oppression, fascist ideology
Diagnosis positive the sickness revealed

Sneaking around under Pseudonyms
Secret meetings push their agendas aims
Why do they hide they must know its wrong
The signs are there they will be found
When hearing thse ideas we must stand against
No platform for hate, no sitting on the fence
Time to stop it now before it's to late
A cure for the infection no time to wait
Track Name: Panic
(You are listening to Mike Saphire's commercial
rebellion hour on 66.6 F.M. PURE PUNK ROCK! PUNK ROCK!)

Panic at the party, panic at the show
The band keeps on playing but i feel so alone
Panic at the disco, panic at the show
Anxiety taking over, I wanna go home

I think I'm going crazy living in these suburbs, woah!
I think I'm losing my mind, I'm mentally disturbed
This time I feel alive and must apologise
I feel fucked up inside

I hate this place and all of these people
I hate most of my friends
My visions getting hazy, I'm sick and full of lager
Because times are getting harder
I've had to much to think, now my heads in the sink
Track Name: Peaceful Protest
No you can't protest on this day
No you can't march that way
No you can't leave the area
Don't hide your face

Yes you will give your details
Yes you will be on file
Get in this kettle
Don't leave the line

Oh my fucking god, what has this become?
Peaceful protest is not enough!
Oh my fucking god, what has this become?
Peaceful protest is not enough!

We are the hurt, we are the scarred
Trying to be heard, trying to get out
From this tyrants control,
We'll keep fighting on!
Out on the streets!
Against all that's wrong!
Track Name: LOL
It's raining outside, there's a hole in my boots,
Haven't got any money, to buy any food
I'm feeling so alone, but I can't turn the computer off
I wanna get out but I'm addicted to the idiot box
Trying to direction, stuck on a crowded commuter train
I'm sitting on a wet seat on the bus its pissing down with rain
Got a 2nd hand mattress with a piss stain down the back
Tried to scrub it off but it just made me gag
I'm freezing cold and staving there is holes in the walls of my flat
I thought i had squirils in my garden, but they just turned out to be rats

Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho, he he he he, laugh out loud!
Ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho, he he he he, laugh out loud!

Been to the doctor, somethings wrong with my head
I'll take my perscription and try and face the day
Bouncing round my room, walls close in on me
Men in nice white coats, knocking at my door
Come to take me away, for labotomy and more
Stuck in a room, on suicide watch
Mental analysis, to decide what I got
They say I'm not to worry, they're gonna cheer me up
They've brought me a screen to sit here and watch
100 channels and reality TV...
Track Name: The Re-Enactor
Feverish dreams flow over me,
A repetative nightmare, can't you see?
Stuck in a sickness loop forever
Cannot shake these chemical dreams
Repition on the edge of a knife
Over and over for the rest of your life
Fuck all that's different don't accept the new
Keep repeating forever the things that you do

Negative mind loop in my brain
Trying to hold to a distant time
We came to distroy the past
Rebuilding from the wreakage vessel
We will see what we find
Freedom of expression in the mind
The museum is dead, take a new art stance
Create a new art riot NOW!

The scene has become a battle re-enactment
It's an echo to the anger that we represent
Is the music industry your best friend?
Or do you see a very different end?
The message from those who have no voice
Freedom is given to the uncontaminated life
Above fashionistic image and noise
Break the chains bring on better times

Live experimentation not immitation
We need new ways to demonstation
We are the scavengers of technology
There's no time to make no apology
Shout our message loud!
No mediocrity we want change now
Evolution anarchists create a new way
Condemed to search for better days
Track Name: Kali Channa Masala
Chilli Powder
Sun Flower Oil
Chick Peas
And Lemon Juice,
Here's a recipe for you to use

Combine the spice powders with 4 table spoons of water in a bowl
Get some incense lit, yeah we're are ready to go!
Heat the oil and add asfotida, in a pan.
Pour yourself another drink, now follow the plan!


Kali Channa Masala
Cheap vegan food for you
In honour of the mother goddess
Feasts for the dispossessed
Enjoy the Indian flavour,
Simple food is going to save you
Concious meals with spiritual vision
Food for your radical mission

Turn down the heat, now, put in the spice liquid
Sizzle for one minute, and, add the salt and chick peas
Add 150ml of hot water, and bring to the boil
Crush the peas with a spoon, to thicken the sauce...
Track Name: Curiousor and Curiouser
I watch the sky, through the digital screen
Limp body hung, in a sepia scene
Under the machine, thick oily breeze
Sea green light, suffocates my mind
Cold horror razor blade, slices my eyes
Twisted tea party, a false dream
Masks creeping thoughts, of the world I've seen...
Track Name: Acid Burn Alice
Gazing at eternity, the only one who counts is me
Beneath the darkerning twilight sky
Torn apart artifical life
Every night, minute and second
I am blind to controlling wreckage
Mental torture from unreal minds
Take the innocence that is mine

Extinguish light, in existance
Control the thoughts inside my head
Your demands unreal expectations
Living life manufactured isolation
Gas light producedure, I question myself
Calculated destruction of my mental health
Abuse and anger from your frustrations
Are your faults all of my making?

Wired electrodes beneath my skin
Acid burn throbs with pain
An empty vessel I played my part
With aching limbs calculate the cost
The comfort of being halfway human
The scars map out where I've moving
Cold metal plugged in dependance
Distorted love don't know how to break free
Track Name: Promazine
I've took the cosh,
The chemical cosh,
Blacked out on dreams of promazine,
The lights are on, but there's no one home
I'm sitting here all alone,
Spittle hangs from my open mouth
Dripping down my chin
A can of beer has dropped from my hand
soaking through my jeans
I'm an insane lunatic
My doctor thinks I'm ill
For the saftey of myself
She provides me with these pills

When we are forced to live so unnaturally,
Its no wonder there are so many casulties
Instead of trying to change what is so wrong
They fill you up with pills and say "run along",
Dealing with the symptoms but never the cause,
The cattle are ill we can't milk them no more

Maybe the only sanity is the insane,
I'm sick and tired of being told there is something wrong with my brain
My brain, My brain, My brain, my brain
You say there's something wrong my brain
My brain, My brain, My brain, my brain
You say there's something wrong my brain
Track Name: Beauty
Beneath the surface see my jaded eyes
Beneath the gloss what they trying to hide?
Offal and filth, up where you eat
See the rats clamour beneath your feet
Ever seen beauty while you were drinking?
Does the thin veneer, change the way your thinking?

Beauty! Beauty! Sanatised! Beauty!
Beauty! Beauty! Sanatised! Beauty!
Beauty! Beauty! Sanatised! Beauty!
Beauty! Beauty! Sanatised! Beauty!

Synthesised products, synthesised minds
Air brushed people living air brushed lives
My worst nightmare is your vary favourite bar
Underneath the plastic do you know who you are?
Homogenised air suffocates my breathing
Under decaying archways I found more feeling...
Track Name: Wish
(Good evening anarchists everywhere)

The queen is dead
And the government have a price on their head
England is turning inside out
All the people scream and all the people shout
As they watch shaking with fear
Now they know that death is near

And how I wish you were here
No survivors ever found
Now I wish you were here
No survivors ever found

How does it feel being abused
By politicians living by their own rules
And what are you going to do when the sirens call
While they’re launching their atomic bombs
Blind and ignorant you said nothing at all

The vultures are all out of business
No the children eat the dead
Cities fall Manchester is burning up darkening skies
And what would you do and how would you like all these tragic scenes?
But you’re not here you’re not fucking here
you’re not here you’re not fucking here
you’re not here you’re not fucking here
you’re not here
are you?
Track Name: Makeup
Red and green and its so fake,
You’re feeling so sick and tired today
You’re actions prove that you are real
You’re aesthetic worn like the way you feel

Girl sitting alone with make up on
Doesn’t even know whats going wrong
See your reflection up in the glass
Self disgust and sinking fast
sinking fast!
sinking fast!
sinking fast!

Through thick black eyeliner she saw another
Over this suburban wasteland they stared at each other
Downing straight vodka getting wasted
Wearing masks of heroes, lipstick traces.
Track Name: Love Yourself
Abort your niceness
What’s your crisis
Don’t try and fight us
We’re in your society
Your capitalist industries
Take our individuality
Our downtrodden anarchy
For-fills our poetic fantasy


Hypnotizing stares pierce into insubordination
Needing some escapism and intoxication
People watching all around
Abortion and Distortion
More poverty and misfortune
Love the night, wear it well
Forget everything…